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Re: Future of MCL

In article <9402200703.AA10433@lute.cs.brown.edu> twl@cs.brown.edu writes:

   Lieberman would be willing to give you a product endorsement. There is
   enough of a market for Common Lisp to support Lucid, Franz, and
   Harlequin.  There's plenty of room for a product of MCL's caliber.

The difference is that these three Common Lisp vendors have already
developed and demonstrated retargetable-compiler technology for CL,
whereas Apple has not.  (Why else would Apple consider a port to the
PowerPC to be unaffordable?)

Perhaps the long-term solution is to make a deal with one of these
healthy Common Lisp vendors to port MCL (or an equivalently productive
CL environment plus an MCL compatibility library) to the PowerPC-based
        Lawrence G. Mayka
        AT&T Bell Laboratories

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