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Re: I will write to ...

> over the weekend I will formulate a letter to Larry Tesler
> (tesler@taurus.apple.com) and Ike Nassi (nassi@cambridge.apple.com).
> The latter is _head_of_the_developer_tools_group_ and he also directed
> the Dylan project (according to the Dylan manual). Because
> I don't think they read info-mcl, one has to write directly.
> ...
> Rainer Joswig
> Email: joswig@informatik.uni-hamburg.de

I have been thinking about doing the same.  In particular, I have been
collecting all the messages posted on the subject of MCL's future and
I would like to send *all* of them along with a brief summary (Has
anyone else done this?).  Since it appears that you have done some
research into who to write to, would you happen to have the mailing
addresses of these people also?  If so, please me know what they are.

Thank you.

Al Reich
Lockheed - Austin Division