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Re: How does one double-click documents into open application?

At  8:17 AM 4/3/94 +0000, Calvin Bruce Ostrum wrote:
>MCL has a method to handle double-clicks on documents with the appropriate
>creator type when the creator application is currently open.  But what does
>one do inside this method?  I can't see any indication in the manuals of
>how to find the name of the file that was double clicked on.   Can someone
>please tell me how to find this?  Thank you.
>Calvin Ostrum, cbo@cs.toronto.edu

Patch 1 for MCL 2.0 added some features that make doing this
much easier. See the documentation of OPEN-APPLICATION-DOCUMENT
in the "MCL 2.0.1 Release Notes", part of the 2.0.1 upgrade package,
which is available for anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com in
the file "/pub/mcl2/patches/2.0->2.0.1.sea.hqx".

Bill St. Clair