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Re: Search Files -- in current folder only

At  2:36 AM 8/8/94 +0000, Paul Shannon wrote:
 >I'm not so familiar with pathnames and wildcards on the MacOS,
 >having been weaned on unix.  When I pop up the "Search Files"
 >dialog from the MCL Tools menu, the first dialog box looks like this:
 >  In Pathname    ccl:*;*.lisp
 >I've experimented, looked unsuccessfully at CLtL2, and not yet discovered
 >a brief way to set the pathname to "current folder" or "current folder
 >and below".  
 >What's the Search Files equivalent of the unix shell's "."?
 > - Paul

There is no specification in Common Lisp that I'm aware of that
gives you a pathname metacharacter (or substring) for "current directory", 
because it's a pretty vague and easily-broken concept.

I don't know about Search files, but there's several lispy ways 
to get the "current folder". It looks to me like ccl::choose-file-ddir
gets you the default directory for the "choose file" dialogs.