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problem with MCL 2.0a1 to 2.0b1 upgrade

 >  I've recently tried to install the 2.0b1 upgrade from the June 1994
 >develop bookmark CD and ran into problems.

Hmm, I wonder how you got 2.0a1 in the first place. We've never
shipped that as a commercial product, did we?

If you bought 2.0b1 from APDA, you should have gotten the final
version of MCL 2.0 from them for free. You can always call them
(in the US, 800-282-APDA) and see what happened.

I don't recommend you try going to 2.0b1 in any case. The latest
version is 2.0.1, and I strongly recommend you simply get
the free patches by anonymous ftp from 
cambridge.apple.com:/pub/mcl/patches and upgrade your 2.0 with that.