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Weak Hash tables in MCL

I need to create a weak, finalizable hash table in MCL. It was
my understanding that weak hash tables are supported but
finalizable ones are not. But I can't even get weakness to work.
How to I make sure all the refs to a value are gone, so I can
test this? I've eliminated *, **, and ***, but are there other
behind-the-scenes refs I need to eliminate as well, so that
after a (gc) the thing will disappear from the hashtable? (I'm
using :weak :value in the make-hash-table call.)

Second, I really need a finalization hook. A global hook function
for the whole hash table would be fine. Would it be possible to
get a patch to make this work?

Shannon Spires
Internet: svspire@sandia.gov
Voice: 505-844-4287
Fax: 505-844-3296