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MacTCP.lisp problems

Two questions/problems:


When trying to compile the library file MacTCP.lisp:

Our 7100 freezes

My Duo 280 gets the following error:

value 1.5 is not of the expeted type (or fixnum (real 1 *)).
While executing make-hash-table

(inside ccl:fasl-scan inside ccl::%compile-file)

Sure enough
(typep 1.5 '(real))

(typep 1.5 '(real 1))

(typep 3/2 '(real 1))

On the duo, I'm using SoftFPU, but not on the powermac. (yet :-).

Is this a symptom of fpu lack? I'd have expected an alert or something.

Loading it uncompiled on either system seems to be ok, though.

At least until I try the telnet example; on the powermac it
freezes... just after bringing up the telnet window.

finger works though (on both machines). Telnet works fine on the Duo280,
which leads me to beleive that it's a powermac problem. The images are
otherwise identical on both machines. (yeah, I realize it's in the
"unsupported" folder, I just thought this might be a symptom of a deeper
problem, esp. since what I really need to do is write a server:


Separate question, is there an example of a server somewhere (tcp server
on the mac, as opposed to a client). An eval-server over tcp would be

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