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Re: Does MCL work with System 7.5?

In article <PHILG.94Sep18180656@camelot.ai.mit.edu> philg@zurich.ai.mit.edu (Philip Greenspun) writes:

   Does MCL work with System 7.5?  I'm having some horrendous bugs ever
   since I installed System 7.1.2, a PowerPC card, and a CD-ROM drive in
   my Quadra 800 (some extension makes my desktop folder immutable so
   that, for example, nothing can be thrown into the trash).  I'm
   thinking that rather than debug this, I could just upgrade to System
   7.5 and my world would be a beautiful place.  However, if there are
   known screws with System 7.5 and MCL, I don't want to screw myself

   Thanks a lot.

I have system 7.5 on a PowerPC, and I have managed to run lisp. I have not
tried doing anything on lisp, but it runs. The computer is recently
acquired. With system 7.1.2, I had been told that with the PowerPC patch
for virtual memory and with the Modern Memory Manager turned off, there
should not be many problems. But I would like to hear if there have been
other problems with lisp with the above patches.