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Compiler Excised

We have an application that takes full advantage of the dynamic nature of Lisp.
It allows a non-programmer user to interact with the app and add intelligence
to a knowledge base.  In order to do this the app has to do defclasses on the
fly.  Unfortunately, to do this most efficiently, the app should be created
without the compiler excised contrary to the licensing literature included with
MCL.  I contacted Apple software licensing on via Applelink per instructions of
the licensing literature.  However, they sent me the same licensing agreement
that is included with MCL and indicated that the compiler is something they
would not know about there.  What should I do?
Also, it is interesting to note that the application functions the same with
the compiler excised except that it runs much slower.
Thank you for reading my note.  For your info, our number is (213) 295-2997.