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Re: Problem on running MCL 2.0

At 11:27 9/27/94 -0400, Iwan Karyadi wrote:
>        I am a new MCL 2.0 user. Currently I am using Powerbook 520c with
>System 7.1.1 (I am planning to upgrade to System 7.5), and 4 Mb of RAM.
>Every time I am trying to evaluate an expression, even very simple one, the listener gave this message: [Stacks reset due to overflow].
>I thought the problem is because I don't have enough memory, so I tried to both disable all my system extension and install Ram Doubler. But still didn't work, and I got the same message as before. 
>Please help me solve this problem, and send me email to this address:
>        karyadi@cs.pitt.edu
>Thank you so much,
>Iwan Karyadi

You need to get the MCL 2.0->2.0.1 upgrade which includes a patch for running on
68040 processors that don't have an FPU (among many others).  The upgrade is
available from out anonymous FTP site (ftp.cambridge.apple.com) or for registered
customer from APDA for $25, which includes the new CD-ROM with newer contributed