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Re: Graphics hardcopy in MCL

On Friday Oct 21, Erann Gat asks:
  MACL 1.3 had a utility in the examples folder called hardcopy.lisp which
  allowed you to print the contents of windows with graphics in them.  Does
  anyone have an equivalent utility for MCL 2.0?
There is a print utility available by anonymous FTP from cambridge.apple.com
in the contrib directory (pub/MCL2/contril/print-u.lisp.hqx). I wrote the
utility with help from Bill St. Clair and others at Apple. Based on the
hardcopy.lisp routines, print-u allows the programmer to print the contents
of windows (with specialized methods for some views), to save "print attributes"
with files, to print a picture as well as a general routine for printing
documents. The documentation is fairly complete.