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Has anyone ported MockMma (Richard Fateman) to MCL2?

>   More specifically, MockMma has the following:
>     (:use :common-lisp :excl)
>   MCL2 does not have any package under the ":excl" name.  Any hints as to what
> this could mean?  I think Franz Lisp must have it.  Thanks for any input.

The EXCL package is a Franz-specific "extensions" package (i.e EXtended Common 
Lisp, or some such acronymic thing), and is therefore obviously not part of MCL.

The way I would attack the problem of porting some code like that would be to 
remove that package from the use list and, with a copy of Franz's documentation 
in hand, try loading the application's files sequentially into MCL (or 
wherever), fixing undefined function warnings and errors and undeclared free 
variable warnings and errors by looking them up in the Franz documentation and 
providing implementations of them in a "compatibility" file.