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KCL Sources for BITNET users

Can someone help him?

-- Taiichi

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Date: Fri, 08 Jan 88 10:00:58 MEZ
To: siglisp%kurims.kurims.kyoto-u.junet@RELAY.CS.NET
From: ZZZO%dhvrrzn1.bitnet%cunyvm.cuny.edu@RELAY.CS.NET 
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Date: 8 January 1988, 09:56:54 MEZ
From: Wolfgang Zocher           (0511) 762-3684      ZZZO     at DHVRRZN1
Subject: KCL Sources

Today, I sent the license agreement via air-mail to you, but I don't
know, where I can get the sources. I only have BITNET access, so it
would be the best, to get KCL from another BITNET site in Europe.
Can you help me??
Thank you
Wolfgang Zocher (ZZZO@DHVRRZN1.BITNET)