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June-87 version of Kyoto Common Lisp


We are running June-87 version of KCL on our Sun-3s and Vaxes and are
very happy with it.

Now we would like to run KCL on our Gould Powernode (6000 and 9000)
machines as well. Goulds run UT/X 2.0 (BSD 4.3) operating system.

Do you know of any ports of KCL to Gould machines?

Any info or pointers will be much appreciated.


Mahmood Nasir,                     ARPA:  mn%uk.ac.ed.aiva@nss.cs.ucl.edu
Dept. of Artificial Intelligence,  JANET: mn@uk.ac.ed.aiva
University of Edinburgh.           UUCP:  ...!seismo!mcvax!ukc!aiva!mn