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We have a one year old copy of kcl. We have signed the appropriate
licence agreement. I just read about akcl. I would like to obtain
a copy. It doesn't seem to be in the pub directory on rascal.
Also what is the relationship between skcl and akcl.

I have ported the CLX (a developing standard of CL interface to X)
to kcl. There is a public domain implementation of CLX (by TI) that
is distributed on the X11 tape. My changes are included there and
CLX compiles and runs under kcl. I have also built a tcp interface
for kcl needed for CLX. I load it as foreign function to kcl, but
it probably should be a part of the core system.
I you are interested in distributing it with kcl let me know.

Thank you,

Roman Budzianowski
Project Athena/ M.I.T.
Cambridge, MA 02139
ph: (617) 253 1308