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compiler gbc bug

In "cmpnew/cmpinline.lsp", a LET near the top of INLINE-ARGS has an
OBJECT declaration for FORMS and TYPES.  That declaration should be
deleted because new lists are consed and stored into those variables
a few pages later.

Both times that I ran into the bug, the lisp compiler crashed with
the same message:

	Error: T is not of type LIST.
	       Signalled by CTOP-WRITE.

But other messages are certainly possible.

						Ken Rimey

*** cmpnew/cmpinline.old	Tue Sep 22 23:56:49 1987
--- cmpnew/cmpinline.lsp	Sat Apr  2 22:58:59 1988
*** 88,96 ****
  (defun inline-args (forms types &aux (locs nil) ii)
    (do ((forms forms (cdr forms))
         (types types (cdr types)))
        ((endp forms) (reverse locs))
-       (declare (object forms types))
        (let ((form (car forms))
              (type (car types)))
          (declare (object form type))
          (case (car form)
--- 88,95 ----