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It has been about a year that the June 87 version of KCL has been
available by FTP.  Several people have inquired about bug fixes and
new releases of KCL.  I do not know when a new release of KCL will
appear.  In response to a number of bug reports that have appeared on
this mailing list, Yuasa has broadcast fixes.  Bill Schelter has
incorporated these fixes, up through May at least, in his AKCL system.
There are a number of other nice things about ACKL that deserve
mention.  (a) cross-file function calls are very much faster, (b) all
calls are breakable/traceable, even in-file calls, (c) many primitives
have been optimized, (d) a connection with the Gnu C compiler, gcc, is
supported, (e) CASE uses a jump-table (like the C switch) when the
pattern and keys are declared to be fixnums, and (f) control-c during
gbc is not ignored.

To use AKCL, first get KCL, the June 87 version, from either
rascal.ics.utexas.edu:/pub/ or cli.com:/pub/kcl/, ftping in with
user-id "ftp", any password.  (Make sure you have complied with the
license requirement before doing so.)  Then get akcl-XX.tar.Z from
either rascal.ics.utexas.edu:/pub/ or cli.com:/pub/akcl/.  (The XX is
a pair of digits indicating version number; take the highest.)
Uncompress and untar as for KCL.  The README file describes how to
mechanically produce AKCL from KCL and the mods supplied.  Your
version of KCL is, of course, left unaltered.  There is no additional
license required for the AKCL stuff.

If you have questions, send them to Bill Schelter,
(wfs@rascal.ics.utexas.edu or wfs@cli.com).