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I was bringing up Maxima in lucid (my common lisp version of macsyma,
distributed by DOE), and ran into a couple of problems.After fixing
them I still have a number of tests which do not come out correct,
(run correctly as  on ti,symbolics, akcl)..
Here are some of the problems which I did look after:

(functionp 'let) -->t
(functionp 'jillyjobbe) -->t
Not too useful.   I don't know how you are supposed to tell
what is a function.  eg. interpreted functions are sone #<interpreted...>..

(delete a b :count most-positive-fixnum) fails.
There is some artificially small limit on the count allowed.
It would be annoying to have to use a different count for each lisp
you want to compile in.  Fortunately the other lisps
seem to allow fixnum counts.

Also I seem to run out of space very easily while compiling, and later
while running.  We are just using the default configuration.
Is there any on line documentation or files which one can consult
about peculiarities.  Most sites have but one hard copy manual, and
it is easier to do a machine search anyway.  I guess I am spoiled
by having worked   almost exclusively with software which had all sources
and most documentation on line.