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   Posted-Date: Thu, 19 May 88 09:29:31 CDT
   Date: Thu, 19 May 88 09:29:31 CDT
   From: wfs@rascal.ics.utexas.edu (Bill Schelter)
   Reply-To: labrea!wfs@sally.utexas.edu

   (delete a b :count most-positive-fixnum) fails.
   There is some artificially small limit on the count allowed.
   It would be annoying to have to use a different count for each lisp
   you want to compile in.  Fortunately the other lisps
   seem to allow fixnum counts.



The limit placed on :count in our implementation is the maximum number of
elements in a sequence. Perhaps we were wrong to do it this way, but the
assumption we made was that anyone supplying :count would like it verified
to be a potentially meaningful constraint. An unsupplied :count is the same
as "infinity" for DELETE and REMOVE, and so I am puzzled about why you are
trying to supply what amounts to "an arbitrarily large number" for this