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   Posted-Date: Thu, 19 May 88 09:29:31 CDT
   Date: Thu, 19 May 88 09:29:31 CDT
   From: wfs@rascal.ics.utexas.edu (Bill Schelter)
   Reply-To: labrea!wfs@sally.utexas.edu


   (functionp 'let) -->t
   (functionp 'jillyjobbe) -->t
   Not too useful.   I don't know how you are supposed to tell
   what is a function.  eg. interpreted functions are sone #<interpreted...>..



True, this is not too useful.  However, it is correct Common Lisp.  On
p.76 of CLtL: "FUNCTIONP is always true of symbols, lists whose CAR is
the symbol LAMBDA, any value returned by the FUNCTION special form,
and any values returned by the function COMPILE when the first
argument is NIL."