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AKCL on Ultrix 2.3

Version 1-122 of AKCL compiles fine (fixing a few tiny things here and there).
When loading init_kcl into raw_kcl
the load gets part way through. When cmptag is being loaded,
garbage collection happens which triggers a segmentation fault.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am using cc and would like
to continue using it. I am using the flags suggested in README.

A dbx trace follows:

 dbx version 2.0 of 8/31/88 2:32.
 Type 'help' for help.
 enter object file name (default is `a.out'): reading symbolic information ...
 [using memory image in core]
 (dbx) abort.abort() at 0xe65f6
 error.error(0xecdda) at 0x9d9
 segmentation_catcher(0xb, 0xffffd7fd, 0x7fffd880, 0x928) at 0x95d
 mark_stack_carefully(0x7fffe048, 0x7fffd8c4, 0x0) at 0x3568
 mark_phase() at 0x3830
 GBC(0x1d) at 0x3def
 alloc_page(0x1) at 0x11cd
 alloc_object(0x8) at 0x1358
 make_symbol(0x125f98) at 0x12025
 intern(0x125f98, 0x126f74) at 0x14349
 read_object(0x16439c) at 0x30cd5
 read_fasl_vector(0x16439c) at 0x361ef
 read_fasl_data(0xf466e) at 0x2fd17
 init_system() at 0x48a55
 siLinit_system() at 0xdc6
 eval.eval(0xfd57c) at 0x720d
 Fprogn(0x14e774) at 0x114d9
 eval.eval(0x14b024) at 0x702f
 Lload() at 0x2f1c7
 eval.eval(0xfd57c) at 0x720d
 Leval() at 0x74e8
 symlispcall(0x1378b4, 0x101b08, 0x1) at 0x63d3
 top.L1() at 0x4f4d9
 funcall(0x13f980) at 0x5aeb
 super_funcall(0x13f980) at 0x6d0d
 main.main(0x1, 0x7fffe058, 0x7fffe060) at 0x483

Any help would be appreciated. I think the same problem existed with
the previous version of AKCL too.