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[no subject]

1.  I would appreciate being placed on your mailing list.

2.  I am having trouble recompiling kcl under SUN OS 4.0 on a 3/180
    using cc.  This is the same problem reported by clarisse@rutgers on
    12 Jul 88 in kcl-mail-archive:

	> 1)- raw_kcl builds OK, but
	> 2)- here's the error that I am getting when trying to build "saved_kcl":

	> sh 3897: Memory-fault - core dump
	> 	Error code 139

	> make: Fatal error: Command failed for target "saved_kcl"

    I could not find a reply in kcl-mail-archive, but I am sure there is a
    fix since IBUKI sells an OS 4.0 version.  Please enlighten me.

3.  In trying to compile akcl-1-122 on the same machine, on the second pass
    through the makefile, the assembler chokes on the file cmplam.c.  It
    prints a lot of "Multiply defined symbol (phase error)" messages. I
    noticed several references to cmplam.lsp kcl-mail-archive, but as far
    as I can tell, the version I have contains those bug fixes.  Any help
    with this will also be appreciated.  Thanks.

Rich Crawford