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Please add lisp-users@culv.unisys.com to the akcl mailing list.

file-write-date generates an error message if the file cannot be found, but
I believe it should just return nil.

What is the philosophy of the akcl effort?  Are you aiming at ANSI Common
Lisp and implementing Steele 2nd ed. revisions?  If so:

shadow should accept a string as first argument but does not.


We installed a sparc and a sun360 version.  Between compilations we did a make
clean.  Suggest that 'make clean' remove 'merge'; that the makefile in 'o'
remove 'LIBFILES' during 'clean'; a couple of other executables should be
removed, I forget where they are.

Jon. Gingerich (jon@culv.unisys.com)