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RE: format doesn't work as specified in CLtL2 !!!!

>Subject: format doesn't work as specified in CLtL2 !!!!
>To: kcl@rascal.ics.utexas.edu
>Date: Mon, 6 Jan 92 15:09:07 EST
>From: Greg Sylvain (Lib 007a, x3929) <greg@cityzoo.acs.umbc.edu>
>	Hello everyone,
>	It has been brought to my attention that the format com>mand 
>doesn't work as specified in Steele's book.  Specifically, the padding of 
>output doesn't work.  Your supposed to be able to tell format what character 
>to pad the axtra space with, but kcl breaks at the read loop. 
>i.e. the following should work :
>>(format "~10,'0d" 89)
>Error: The string "~10,'0d" doesn't have a fill-pointer.
>Error signalled by FORMAT.
>Broken at FORMAT.  Type :H for Help.

You just forgot the first argument that specifies
the destination.  If you add T right after FORMAT,
then you will get what you expected.

-- Taiichi