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Installation Problem

I'm working on a Sun SLC.  I used the 'add-defs sun4 /n/b/kcl' line to
configure the system and kept having the script ./xbin/move-if-changed
bitch about h/sun4.defs being different from h/config.h and then dying.
I kept plugging away with it and it eventually seemed to work.

I then did 'make -f Smakefile'.  This promptly dies horribly with a message
about not being able to find "sparc.h".  There is no such file either in or
under /usr/include and I couldn't find anything in the scripts that created
such a beast.

What am I missing?  I running a pretty vanilla system so...

Thanks for the help,
		John D. Mitchell

P.S.	I just sent a subscribe to kcl-request@cli.com but I don't know if
	I've been added yet so please send to me directly.  Thanks.