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[no subject]

    What's wrong with doing PLUS on characters is that you can't add
    two characters

Of course.  I never said PLUS should work on characters; I was just using
it as an example of generic functions!

    There already *IS* a floating point version of '>', and always has been.

v	 beg your pardon, page 59 of the old Moonual says that ">"
works for pairs of fixnums or for pairs of flonums.  What version
do you ahve in mind; have things changed since that manual?

    it should allow you to compare characters and fixnums?  Characters
    and flonums?

Of course not; I just want it to compare characters with each other.

    What do you think '<' should do with the font information?

As RMS said, it should do what CHAR< is defined it to: be