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Re: #| One last comment on #| |#

Nothing's perfect.  You can't get a carriage-return into a ;-comment
either.  And what of the loser who adds a ; to the second line of
	       (FORMAT T "This frob is extremely ~
			  screwy: ~S" FROB)))
to produce
     ;	       (FORMAT T "This frob is extremely ~
			  screwy: ~S" FROB)
because he thought the <cr> in the string "didn't count"?

The answer is that every string-gobbling or commenting device
has to be terminated by *something*, and you just can't get that
something into such a construct.  So indeed, when you put #|...|#
around something you have to look for |# first.  It doesn't
work to put a string in a string either.