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[no subject]

Just thought this may be interesting to some people,
the pretty-printer used in NIL was directly lifted from
the Lispmachine, and ran with trivial modifications to
the STREAM interface, plus the replacement of calls to
LISTP with calls to PAIRP.

The LISPM documentation mentions that LISTP may be changed in
the future such that (LISTP ()) will be T instead of NIL.
In NIL (LISTP ()) => T presently, which broke the lispm grinder code.

It is speculated that LISTP will be flushed from the NIL language specification,
as it is not of much use, which is to say that it has never been
used, and its "popular" definitions are incompatible with the
proper inductive definition of what a LIST is.

Two predicates which are of interest are PROPER-LISTP, and CARABLEP.