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In the various syntax processing parts of NIL, the compiler,
the macros, the interpreter, etc. we find a destructuring let allowing
various imbeded keywords to be very useful. The implementation is somewhat
unconventional, so I'll just give an example in this short note:

(deform (dovector (&symbol elem vector &optional index) &rest body)
  ... do some stuff ...)

The destructuring construct has been carefully optimized to provide:
[0] recursive uniformity.
[1] concise and obvious expression of how to break up a form.
[2] small inline codesize.
[3] superb error checking with maximal context provided in descriptive
    error messages.
[4] recoverable errors in syntax processing. for ex. on-the-fly editing.

Thats the end of my VT-52 screen, bye bye for now. -gjc