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WORDDELETE terminal class

I have implemented an extension to terminal tables so that a WORDDELETE
character may be defined.  This will wipe out to the first non-OTHER
character preceding the first non-SEPR by printing the first-ch delete
message and as many nth-char delete messages as needed.

The syntax classes of the various characters are determined from the readtable
given to the current read-function.

I made ^W be the WORDDELETE character inthe ORIG termtable.  In effect, this
then replaces the current, kludgy implementation of word-delete
as an immediate read macro.  It does have one unfortunate
side-effect, since ^W currently has another function:  when ^W is typed
as the first character to a READ, it causes the following  expression
to be evaluated before it gets placed on the history list.  In order to
get this facility, you must now type ^VW to suppress the word-delete function.

Perhaps in INterlisp-D we should use one of the unmarked keys as word-delete.

But perhaps it is also more reasonable to get the lispx function
of ctl-W imlemented in some other way, perhaps as a lispx history command.

Of course, individual users can change the default by doing a SETSYNTAX in
their intializations.

This will be in the next loadup (not the one Beau mentioned).