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I changed the basic WHEREIS function to bring it into alignment with
the one in the WHEREIS package.  Specifically, the simple WHEREIS now
has an extra argument FN which, if given, is a function that will be applied
to each file containing NAME.  In the case, WHEREIS will return NIL
instead of the list of files.

This change means that code doesn't have to be written
differently depending on whether the WHEREIS package is loaded.

A second change:  The fact that the * FILEPKGCOM always does a form-feed
has been a singularly unappreciated feature, to the extent that most of
us have redefined it.  Taking the bull by the horns, I fixed it so
that it puts out the formfeed only if the second element of the comment
is a *.  (* FOO) will just skip a few lines, but (* * FOO)will turn the
page.  File comments are therefore more similar to ordinary comments.

We also introduced a varialbe LAMBDAFONTLINELENGTH, to hold the linelength
for comments in the lambda font.  THis variable is set in the
fontdefs.  (This is temporary, since we are heading towards a variable-
pitched font world.

A final thing about the * command:  We removed the DECLARE: expressions that
surround the comments, in the interests of cleaning up the way files look.
It was argued that not that much structure is involved in that, and
eventually recompile can be changed to simply suppress copying comment

This message has gone to LISP for the manual; I hope it also helps you track
what's going on.