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LISP function library prototype

As I discussed during SIGLUNCH a few weeks ago, I have created a
prototype system which acts as a LISP function library. The system
deals with LISP functions and files. Every function available is
placed into one or more categories, or files, according to some
common features of the functions. A user can perform tasks which
provide information about the files and functions; and then select
subsets of the functions to be placed on a separate file for use in
other LISP systems.

Anyone can use the system by running <WCW>UTIL , which causes you to
first be asked if you want to see "task timing info in terminal
output". Since, in this application, you are probably not interested
in recording the execution time of the various tasks, you should
answer this question with a "N". Next you will be asked "what do you
want to do?". At this point, you may ask for any of the tasks known
to the program; and you can find out what is available by typing "?".

Please take some time to try out what is currently in the system, and
then send me your comments and suggestions.  There are probably a lot
of things that can be done, depending on how useful they might be.
Please SNDMSG to WHITE, or call me at 7-4878 or (415)961-4837.

Bill White