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You may take the version from <DEUTSCH> on Maxc2.  It works as far
as I can tell.  It includes multiple measurements and BRKDWNCOMPFLG.

I don't think a name like RESULTS belongs in a package like BREAKDOWN,
so I renamed the function that does the work as BRKDWNRESULTS and
just made RESULTS call it with no arguments.  My feeling is that
extensions to result reporting, like you and Mitch might want, should

I've implemented one such extension: (BRKDWNRESULTS T) returns the
results in a list whose elements are of the form (function ncalls
stat1 ... statn) where the stat1 ... statn are raw data, divided by
the repetition counts if any but not by the number of calls, and in the
order given by BRKDWNLABELS (a copy of the original BRKDWNTYPE).
The intention is that later you could give BRKDWNRESULTS a list to
smash the results into, e.g. if you only wanted them for one function
you would give it a list of one such element.  I'm not sure this is the
best way to go, so you might consider not publicizing it.