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ISO ad hoc group on Prolog and Lisp

Chailloux  wrote  me in the context of my role as convenor of the
ISO ad hoc group on Prolog and Lisp.  For your  information.   --
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This message is from Quyen TRAN (AFNOR). The same text has been send also
by postal mail.


objet: RESPONSE TO DOC SC 22 N 176
       (PROLOG - LISP)

Dear Dr. Matthis,

Following up our letter dated January 27 concerning the Preparation
of NWI on PROLOG and LISP, we would like to give you a collective response
in the name of the French SC 22 to each of the items contained in the
document you have issued.

1 - We propose the following contacts, in addition to the five individuals
   previously notified :

 - Mr Jerome Chailloux (expert of LISP)
   Domaine de Voluceau, Rocquencourt
   B.P. 105
   F-78153 Le Chesnay Cedex    (not 153)
   Tel : + 33 1 39 63 53 99    (not 90)
                39 63 54 56
   Telex : 697 033 F

- Mr Tadeusz HOLKA
  B.P. 3
  F-78430 Louveciennes
  Tel : + 33 1 39 02 42 47
  Telex : 687 030 F

2 - Concerning national project, there is LEâ??LISP. Although not a French
  Standard, LEâ??LISP is a LISP version developed by INRIA and others, which
  has already been used by various French manufacturers.

  As far as the standardization is concerned, an AFNOR working group on
  PROLOG has functioned for a year and another one on LISP has just been
  created. The purpose of both groups is to prepare and to contribute to
  future ISO work.

  At European level, there is a study group including at present English,
  German and French developers and academics.

  This project, named EUâ??LISP, is intended to become the basis for an
  international standard specification and would be completed by July
  1986 and implementations would shortly follows.

3 - We are in favour of Alternative A with separate NWI on LISP and PROLOG
  to be assigned to separate working groups.

  There is no doubt that AFNOR will nominate experts to actively
  participate in these potential NWIs.

4 - We think that Plan I is untenable due to the unavoidable mail delays
  between America and Europe and we beleive that Plan II is more realistic.

  Submission of NWI Proposals to SC 22 in March is too close a target date
  since we are now in February. We must allow as many SC 22 member bodies
  to participate in the work before the ad-hoc group produces a NWI

  We suggest that you convene all the experts proposed by the Member
  bodies at a meeting on this purpose. We are ready to host such a

5 - No comments on the SC 22 document attached to doc N 176.

6 - Apart from the book by Guy STEELE you mentionned (p. 2 of 176) as a
  natural starting point we would like to see also EUâ??LISP Specifications
  referred to in same way.

  We will be pleased to send you information concerning EUâ??LISP and
  LEâ??LISP, and are eager to participate in the ad-hoc group.

We again apologize for not sending our response before the deadline but
we only received the document N 176 on January 27.

Sincerely yours

			Informatique - Secteur Tertiaire

				Q. TRAN

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Jerome Chailloux,

Thank  you  very  much  for  the  message from AFNOR.  The common
sentiment is for Schedule II.  As to work on a Lisp standard, you
know  I  am  very  interested.   There is some possibility that I
might be able to attend the EuLISP meeting in May.  We could also
use that trip to take care of ISO business.

Bob Mathis

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