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committee membership

In respose to my general message about submitting the proposal to
X3, a number of people are expressing interest.  In particular  I
was  called  again  by  Fritz Kunze from Franz Inc.  reminding me
about their  desire  to  have  John  Foderaro  on  the  technical

We  need  to  announce  something  about  the  membership  on the
technical and steering committees we said we were  going  to  set

Since  I don't know most of these people either professionally or
personally, I do not want to be the one who has  to  explain  why
they are not on the committees they want to be on.

I  think  we  need  a  couple  of  rounds  of discussion on this.
Fahlman's  message  of  Jan5  on  the  topic  of  "membership  in
committees" is still very relevant.

Bob Mathis