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Re: Committee membership


Just a couple of minor corrections:

"The  membership  in  X3J13 will be self-selecting: X3 [not ANSI]
committees are open to anyone who pays the dues  ($150/year)  and
who   participates  actively  in  the  committee's  work.   These
organizations move very  slowly:  X3J13  cannot  begin  operating
until  next  fall  at  the earliest.  Once the X3J13 committee is
function [functional or functioning], the technical and  steering
committees  will  report to X3J13.  In the meantime, we expect to
make  considerable  progress  toward  producing   an   acceptable

"X3  [again  not  ANSI]  committees are permitted to have members
from other countries."

Also it is Robert F. Mathis and Stephen L. Squires.  Steele, Jr.

I talked to Steve just now on the phone.  He also agrees with the
message.   The  only  remaining doubt seems to be about Griss and
Bawden -- I am willing to go either way.

Scott, will you go ahead and send it out please.

Supplemental note about the functioning of X3 committees.   Scott
and  Guy  have  it  pretty  well  understood.   The purpose is to
achieve a concensus in favor of the standard.  A  committee  like
X3J13  could send up a proposal for which there was not unanimous
agreement.  X3 could accept it or send it back,  they  would  not
make changes to the technical content.  Another thing to remember
is your leadership position in the Common Lisp community.  People
working  on this standard will in general want it to happen, they
will want to reach agreement with you.  Companies that might have
opposed  a  Common  Lisp standard will have to be won over in the
same way you have won over other converts, like Xerox.   I  think
the  way  the  relationship  between  the X3J13 committee and our
steering and technical committeess is explained  in  the  current
message  is  good.   Trying to explain too much detail would only
further confuse it.  We may get some further questions (about  10
people  asked  for  copies  of  the  SPARC proposal), then we can
address their concerns.

-- Bob