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[SQUIRES: Franz]

I'll send some thoughts on this in a separate message, to follow

-- Scott

Date: Thursday, 20 March 1986  00:29-EST
 From: Stephen Squires <SQUIRES at IPTO.ARPA>
To:   Fahlman, Ohlander at USC-ISI.ARPA
cc:   Squires at IPTO.ARPA
Re:   Franz

I got a call from Fritz Kunze of Franz Lisp. The essence of his call was
to raise the issue of membership on the Steering and Technical committees.
He made the claim that he expected to have some one from his company on
these committees as a result of discussions he had at the Boston meeting
(not with me). He made the further claim that the part of the community
represented by these interests was being kept out of the proceedings
and that this was having a serious adverse commercial impact on his
company and that this places the credability of the organization at risk.

It appears that he feels very strongly about this and is able to make
claims that at least on the surface raise serious questions. He has a 
model of various members interests that he uses to support his case.

I informed him that I have been observing the committee formation process
and found it to be a very deliberate and reasonable one. I suggested that
he raise this issue directly with group appointed by the community to
establish these committees by netmail.

Please make every effort to deal with this in a positive way.
It is very important that the process converge so that the
committees can get on with the real work needed by the community.
I believe that it is very important for all concerned with the
process of establishing these committees keep in mind that the
goal is to continue the standards process for the good of the
overall community and that outside observers without a deep 
understanding of the technical and political issues could come
to a conclusion that would place the entire process in jeopardy.

This kind of issue is a very sensitive one within DARPA.
Ron Olander and I have first hand knowledge of the care with which
the Lisp System acquistion process was handled for machines.
Now it appears to comming up again for software. Please proceed 
very carefully.