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[fateman: ANSI stuff]

Just got the following from Fateman.  I sent a reply saying only that
nobody but he and Fritz Kunze had expressed any concern about the makeup
of the committees.  I happened to be talking to Gary Brown at DEC, and
he says that it looks good to him.

Date: Thursday, 20 March 1986  11:37-EST
From: fateman at dali.berkeley.edu (Richard Fateman)
To:   Fahlman
cc:   fateman at dali.berkeley.edu
Re:   ANSI stuff

One of your criteria ....
	...reputation comes from association with the development of
	well-known, widely-used Lisp systems... 
Do you know which Lisp systems are most widely used?
PSL? Zetalisp? NIL? T? S1? Lucid? Spice?  

	Let me emphasize that there are very many people who meet the criteria
	we set, and that we could only pick a few of them.
And that is why you ended up with 2 at MIT? 

Has anyone else voiced any concern?
  Good luck