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Committee membership

Given the objections from Kunze and Fateman, it seems to me that we have
two choices:

1. Decide that we should take Foderaro after all and send out a simple
message saying that we have decided to add him to the technical
committee.  If anyone asks, we make it clear that we are taking him as a
representative of the Franz Lisp community, and not as a representative
of Franz Inc.

2. Hold firm.  Point out to Fritz that nobody ever promised that a Franz
person would be included on the committee; we simply noted their desire
for one.  Point out that the committee members are chosen as individuals
and not as representatives of particular companies, and that if we were
to start including company representatives, Franz Inc would be way down
the list in terms of size, installed base of COMMON lisp systems, or
most any other measure of importance.  Optionally, point out that we
resent his tactics almost as much as he resents ours.

We can probably make option 2 stick if we want to.  It doesn't look like
this is going to spread, and so far nobody has threatened any sort of
legal hassles or formal complaints to ANSI.  But if we tough it out,
this is certain to leave a pocket of bitter, if ineffective, resentment
in the Franz camp.

The arguments against option 1 are that Foderaro doesn't really belong
on the committee on pure merit, and that Fateman would be impossible to
work with.  Also, that if we are seen as giving in to political pressure
from the Franz people, it is liable to cause some other companies to try
the same thing.

My own view is that it would be better to invite Foderaro aboard and get
on with the technical work.  I've got no stomach for this fight, even if
we've got the power to win it and we don't like Kunze's tactics.  If we
take Foderaro, at worst the committee has some dead weight aboard; I
really don't expect other companies to demand admission.  If we keep him
out, we've made enemies for no good reason.

So I vote, somewhat reluctantly, for option 1.

-- Scott