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Scheme in Common Lisp

    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 86 23:23:34 PST
    From: John Alan McDonald <entropy!jam at uw-beaver.arpa>

    I would appreciate any information about implementations of Scheme
    that run on a Symbolics or implementations of Scheme in Common Lisp
    or Zetalisp.

Implementation:  CLSCH (Scheme embedded in Common Lisp)
Implemented by:  Jonathan Rees
Support:	 Unsupported, although I'll probably continue to improve it.
		 No promises.
Hardware:	 Will run, I hope, in any implementation of Common Lisp; has
		 been tested in Symbolics Common Lisp and TOPS-20 CLISP.
Availability:    Free.  Distributed as source via electronic mail or FTP.
		 May eventually become part of Common Lisp "Yellow Pages."
Dialect:	 Subset.  All of the essential features of RRRSS exist, except
		 for a correct CALL-WITH-CURRENT-CONTINUATION; also some of the
		 rest of RRRSS, and most of the S&ICP dialect.
Intended use:	 Running existing scheme programs in any Common Lisp.  Not an
		 ideal development system, since debugging tools are weak.
Implementation:  Low-tech.  A simple compiler translates Scheme into Common
		 Lisp, making sure that variable binding and tail recursion
		 are done right.  The output of the compiler can be interpreted
		 by a CL interpreter or compiled by a CL compiler.
Remarks:	 I did this mostly for my own personal use.  Maybe other people
		 will find it useful too.
Contact:	 Jonathan Rees (JAR@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU), MIT Artificial Intelligence
		 Laboratory, 545 Technology Square, Cambridge MA 02139,
		 (617) 253-8581.

A list of blurbs of this sort for all known scheme implementations
(except MIT scheme) is available in the file "SCHEME; SCHEME IMPLS" on