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We are using scheme!

     My name is Mike Wilson. I'm working for the Carleton University
School of Computer Science (my job description says "Computer
Scientist" believe it or not). Carleton U. has both TI scheme and
MacScheme, as well as Some flavour of scheme running on the
engineering department vaxen. Scheme is being used for courses at
Carleton at both the undergrad and graduate levels.

    Currently, I am working on porting Portable CommonLoops (PCL)
xerox's "common" object-oriented extension to COMMON LISP to run
under TI scheme. In the process of doing this, I've written quite a
large common lisp compatability package (keyworded defun and
defmacro, format, defstruct, etc.). Given the complexity of the
CommonLoops code, I may never get it running completely, but it has
certainly been a useful test of the compatability code.

    I must say though, that I would much rather see people doing
scheme compatability packages in common lisp, than the other way
around. In their desparate grasping for efficiency, the common
lisp people have lost *much* of the elegence of lisping.

    "If ADA is the PL/1 of the '80s, then COMMON LISP will
     be the PL/1 of the '90s!"