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Re: Who Is Using Scheme? For What?

In replying to my own request for uses of Scheme:

We at TI are using Scheme (primarily PCS) in a number of different
projects - both in support of our research and for personal projects.  I
am hopeful that others will reply in more detail on some of the
individual projects.

In addition to our interest in PCS as a product, TI has announced  new
versions of our Personal Consultant and Arborist software packages which
are written in Scheme (support for these packages was one of the primary
reasons that PCS was created).  

In our research efforts within my branch, we are using Scheme as a
systems programming language.  We have developed packages for the PC
which allow us to control a TI Explorer as a microengine for
architectural research (the package is somewhat specific to our
particular needs, it is not a truly general facility).  We are also
using Scheme (and PCS) as an implementation vehicle for our continuing
research in compilation techniques.

We have used Scheme as a vehicle to study problem solving techniques
such as the integration of logic and functional programming.  We have
also used it as a vehicle to discuss systems programming issues -
particularly with the Indiana folk on continuation based programming. 

I am using Scheme to develop an architectural simulator (currently on PCS,
I also plan to port to Chez Scheme on the VAX for more horsepower) for an
"Optically Interconnected Dataflow Signal Processor" which we are
developing on an ONR contract.  Interestingly, I am able to simulate
about a 40 node system on my PC with a (marginally) acceptable

Elsewhere in TI, we are using Scheme and the MIT Structure and
Interpretation course as one of the offerings in TI's internal
continuing education curiculum.  We are also developing our own course
at a somewhat lower level in programming with Scheme.  

I am also aware of a number of other projects which are using Scheme for
developing expert systems or simulation for various purposes.  I don't
know details on many of them.  Hopefully some of them will repsond

Altogether, I would say that at least a few hundred persons at TI have
had at least an introductory course which involves Scheme.  I'm not sure
how many projects are actively using it, but there are several.