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Scheme Implementation for Macintosh 2

   Date: 20 Apr 88 01:24:14 GMT
   From: ubc-cs!faculty.cs.ubc.ca!manis@beaver.cs.washington.edu  (Vince Manis)
   Organization: UBC Department of Computer Science, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
   References: <12391721505.50.MKATZ@A.ISI.EDU>
   Sender: scheme-request@mc.lcs.mit.edu

   MacScheme is alleged to run on the Mac 2 (I haven't seen it). According
   to the documentation for version 1.5, it runs ok, though there are apparently
   some rough edges. MacScheme comes with a really good native-code compiler.
   Publisher is Semantic Microsystems, in Portland. 

I run MacScheme on a Mac II all the time.  It works fine.  (The version
of Toolsmith that I have does not interface to all the new routines in
Volume V of "Inside Macintosh"--I obtained Toolsmith before Volume V had
even been published--but this aside I have been very happy with it.
I have done nontrivial Toolbox hacking to do some nifty dialog boxes.)
My wife Barbara has implemented at least one full-blown, double-clickable
application in MacScheme, and uses the resulting application routinely.

--Guy Steele