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Plea for Scheme Code

   From: larus%paris.Berkeley.EDU@ginger.Berkeley.EDU (James Larus)
   Reply-To: larus@ginger.Berkeley.EDU
   Date: Thu, 15 Sep 88 16:14:43 PDT

   I am looking for some small-to-medium sized Scheme programs as test
   cases for my dissertation research.  These programs should have
   side-effect producing operations and should do something "real" (i.e.,
   fib, tak, etc. need not apply).

   My research is studying how to restructure Lisp programs for
   concurrent execution.  For more details, see [1].  Your program
   doesn't need to be inherently parallel, though if you have a copy in a
   parallel dialect, I'd also be interested in it.

   All I offer in exchange for your code is immortality in a footnote
   (they do keep dissertations forever, don't they?).

I have been looking for the same sorts of programs to test my system, with
little sucess.  I would be most appreciative if you would forward any replies
you get to me as well.
					Morry Katz