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Need Scheme R3RS Spec.

I have been watching this group for a couple of weeks now hoping to see
a hint to answer a question that is probably common knowledge.

I am analyzing Scheme and Common Lisp to try to determine which will best
suit the needs of the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) community.  I need
to get a copy of the Scheme R3RS specification.  Where is a location that
has it available for anonymous ftp or someone who can email it to me?
Please contact me before emailing as I don't want to waste internet
bandwidth getting many copies.  I am also interested in the R4RS draft if
it is available.

USPS: Mac Michaels,   3500 West Balcones Center Dr.,   Austin,TX 78759
ARPA: mac@mcc.com
UUCP: {uunet,harvard,gatech,pyramid}!cs.utexas.edu!milano!cadillac!mac 

  :-)))))))) She had so many chins, she looked like a piece of Lisp code!