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re: Functional / algebraic languages for DS3100

John Baugh writes:
>Apparently NJML is soon to be released for the pmax.  My
>question is `Are there any (currently available) alternatives?'
>By alternatives I mean a `modern' functional language with
>disjoint union data constructors, pattern matching, etc.
>I heard that a scheme-based interpreter exists for Haskell--is
>that true?  If so, would it run on T (using the scheme mode)?

The Yale Haskell system is planned to be released in a few weeks.  It
compiles Haskell to T, which then can be compiled by the T Orbit
compiler.  The Yale Haskell system is not an interpreter, but we are
working on a user interface which will allow something similar to a
read-eval-print loop.  Actually, it will be more of a read-(compile
Haskell to T)-run-print loop.

T's scheme-mode has nothing to do with Haskell, although you could
interface T code or T scheme-mode code to Haskell code.  You could
even make use of the T Unix/C foreign function interface.  I think
someone at Yale has recently linked some of the X window system into
T, although I haven't seen it running.

We'll announce the Haskell release to this list when it is ready in a
few weeks.  It will be available by anonymous ftp.