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Re: Elk source available?

In article <8909160905.AA08982@tub.UUCP>, net@TUB.BITNET (Oliver Laumann) writes:
> > Some time ago there was mention of a package called ELK (Extensible
> > Lisp Kernel ?), a standalone Scheme implementation intended to be
> > the kernel of applications such as editors.
	Sounds great to me.. If I understand what this is.. It may
	be a method of getting past some real world prejudice against
	lisp (ie  IT'S NOT C!!!! YOU CAN'T USE IT!!!) on the part
	of my employers.  These intolarable reactionaries presently
	maintain an application that consists of 55 million (I'm not
	exaggerating) lines of IBM BAL.

> two months ago.  He has not yet posted it; in fact, the newsgroup seems
> to be entirely dead.  Thus I'm contemplating to post Elk to either
> comp.sources.misc or alt.sources.

	I've been looking for this and other goodies on comp.sources.unix.
	Seems to me the alt hierarchy is just begging to come to the 

	Anon. FTP?  Please, I'ld consider the bandwidth to post it 
	very well spent indeed.