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Re: Elk source available?

> Some time ago there was mention of a package called ELK (Extensible
> Lisp Kernel ?), a standalone Scheme implementation intended to be
> the kernel of applications such as editors.
> Is this package available via FTP from anywhere ?

I have submitted the package to the moderator of comp.sources.unix about
two months ago.  He has not yet posted it; in fact, the newsgroup seems
to be entirely dead.  Thus I'm contemplating to post Elk to either
comp.sources.misc or alt.sources.

You can FTP the software from na-net.stanford.edu or patience.stanford.edu
(; look into the directory pub/elk.  I'm sending individual
copies by e-mail to sites without FTP access (but not over UUCP).

Oliver Laumann              net@TUB.BITNET              net@tub.UUCP