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Cscheme posting

   Date: 19 Jul 89 13:54:30 GMT
   From: Ross Judson <jarvis.csri.toronto.edu!utgpu!utzoo!dciem!nrcaer!sce!cognos!rossj@rutgers.edu>

	   As I understand it, Cscheme is a free (I hope!) implementation of
   the scheme language.  A month or two ago I read that somebody planned on
   posting the most recent version.  Has this been done?  What's the status?
   Unfortunately, I am unable to ftp, and, due to mailer screwups, unable to
   mail out of this site at all.  So posting is the only way I'll see it.

	   Does anybody from Ottawa or the region have it?  I'd like to get in
   touch if you do.

   uucp          - uunet!mitel!sce!cognos!rossj   |people hate the generator
   arpa/internet - rossj%cognos.uucp@uunet.uu.net |but love to light up the sky

There is no chance that anyone will post CScheme -- the current
distribution is 6 megabytes in size, over 2 megabytes when compressed.
You will have to find someone who has a copy and can get it to you.

A useful piece of information: GNU Emacs tapes ordered from the Free
Software Foundation contain the current release of CScheme.  If you
have a copy of GNU Emacs that was obtained from such a tape, then you
should also have CScheme.  (Note that CScheme is not included in the
FTP distribution of Emacs.)