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Re: Cscheme posting

In article <8907241613.AA01903@zurich.ai.mit.edu> cph@ZURICH.AI.MIT.EDU (Chris Hanson) writes:
   In article <6592@cognos.UUCP> rossj@cognos.UUCP (Ross Judson) writes:
      A month or two ago I read that somebody planned on posting the
      most recent version...  Unfortunately, I am unable to ftp... So
      posting is the only way I'll see it.

   There is no chance that anyone will post CScheme -- the current
   distribution is 6 megabytes in size, over 2 megabytes when
   compressed.  You will have to find someone who has a copy and can
   get it to you.

I have updated the C Scheme on osu-cis to 7.0, available for anonymous
UUCP.  Though it's pretty huge, we now have a TB+ and a V.32 that
should help keep your costs down when you call for it.  Write to
osu-cis!uucp (same as uucp@cis.ohio-state.edu) for instructions if you
don't already know how to get the current set.

(BTW, it's not at all safe to say that "there's no chance" of
something stupid happening in the Usenet - someone, somewhere, will
gladly prove you wrong. :-)